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Lessons Program

Auditions for undergraduate and graduate lessons for 2017-2018

To sign up for an audition time, please click on the corresponding date for your instrument.

Bass: 9/11/17

Bassoon: 9/7/17

Cello: 9/6/17

Clarinet: 9/6/17

Flute: 9/6/17

Guitar: 9/6/17

Harp: 9/7/17
Horn: tba

Oboe: 9/11/17

Organ: 9/7/17

Percussion: 9/12/17

Piano: 9/8/17

Saxophone: 9/6/17

Trombone & Tuba: 9/6/17

Trumpet: 9/7/17

Viola: 9/8/17

Violin: 9/1/17

Voice: 9/1/17

Please note: Returning students who are not required to re-audition should still apply in one of the slots available on 9/29/17.

Email Prof. Richard Gard.

Unavailable / Filled
Not Scheduled